Police ask tattoo parlors for help in solving Mamaroneck torso mystery

Police are distributing fliers to tattoo parlors in Westchester and New York City in hopes of identifying the torso of woman that washed up on Mamaroneck shores.
Police are hoping the tattoo of a pair of cherries, the only identifiable link to the victim, will spark someone's memory and lead to an identification.
Police located a stab wound on the torso, which was found inside a suitcase with some soiled clothes. The victim is described as a Hispanic or light-skinned black woman, age 35 to 50, and weighing 180 to 200 pounds.A tattoo artist says small red marks under the cherries could signify that the tattoo was covering another one. The Westchester Medical Examiner?s office is still determining the exact cause of the victim's death.
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