Police: Newborn abandoned at Yonkers apartment building

Police say the child was found in a building on Chestnut Street around 8:30 p.m.

Emily Young

Feb 7, 2024, 2:14 PM

Updated 167 days ago


An abandoned baby was found at 32 Chestnut St. in Yonkers Tuesday night, according to officials.  Police say they got the call from a resident in the building around 8:30 p.m.
"Our dispatchers did hear the baby crying in the background when the call was made. When patrol officers did get there, they encountered a first-floor tenant who was holding the baby wrapped up in a towel," said Deputy Chief Joseph Monaco, from the Yonkers PD.
The baby is described as a female, light-skinned, possibly Black or Hispanic.
Luis Fernando Lopez Hernandez lives in the building and was one of the tenants helping with the baby before the police came,
"At first, we didn't know what it was, because the blanket was blocking her face, and then we saw her move and we reacted. When my wife picked her up, she seemed OK," he said.
The baby is listed in stable condition at a local hospital. CPS will ultimately be involved to determine what this baby's future may look like while police continue their investigation.
 Police are interviewing all of the tenants in the building, but Luis says he isn't aware of any pregnant women in the building, which has just three units. 
There are no security cameras in the building, and Luis thinks that may be the reason this building was chosen. But the front door is normally locked.
"It's a good thing it was open because she would have dead if she was left outside in the cold," said Hernandez.
There are several safe locations in Yonkers where people can leave a baby anonymously, "firehouses, hospitals, police stations," said Chief Monaco.
According to NY state law,  you can surrender an infant under 30 days old to any of these locations anonymously and face no prosecution
Police say they aren't investigating this as a crime just yet, their first priority is to find Mom and make sure she's ok, but the investigation is ongoing, and they need your help. 
If you know anything about this please get in touch with Yonkers police at 914-377-7724.

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