Police issue warnings on holiday thefts and scams

As the holiday season unfolds, New Castle police issued a cautionary note, highlighting the surge in thefts during this time of the year. To safeguard your belongings, they propose the following safety measures:
  • Ensure that both your house and car are securely locked.
  • Keep exterior lights on at night to deter potential theft.
  • When receiving deliveries, request signature confirmation or arrange for a neighbor to collect packages on your behalf.
  • Discreetly dispose of large packaging to prevent thieves from discerning recent purchases.
Additionally, authorities caution the public about mail scammers targeting Putnam County. Residents might receive deceptive letters soliciting funds purportedly for the sheriff's office. It's crucial to note that these solicitations are not genuine and are not affiliated with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.
For any concerns or queries regarding similar donation requests, individuals are encouraged to contact the office directly at (845) 225-4300.