Police make mailbox vandal fix broken box

A young mailbox vandal turned himself in to Rockland County authorities after he was caught on a surveillance camera.
Police say they decided not to charge or cite the teen, and had him clean up his mess instead.
The vandal apparently tossed letters from a Chestnut Ridge mailbox he ripped off its post. The homeowner's surveillance video caught it all on camera early Saturday, resulting in the teen turning himself in.
“He was scared. He said he saw on the other news outlets his picture,” says Arya Rabinovits.
Ramapo police had the 16-year-old from Pearl River fix Rabinovits’ broken box on Gottlieb Drive.
The Jewish homeowner added that the boy gave him no motive for his crime. The mailbox wasn't the only one that was damaged Saturday. Rabinovits says two more on the street were ripped off their posts. But he doesn't think the vandalism was an act of anti-Semitism. He says the two other homeowners are not Jewish.
While it wasn't the first time Rabonivits' mailbox has been targeted, he says the quiet neighborhood is a safe and harmonious place.