Police: More than 100 tires dumped along Bronx River Pathway

Westchester County police are investigating after someone dumped more than 100 tires on the popular Bronx River Pathway.
The Bronx River Pathway is an outdoor escape from the surrounding urban environment, but on Thursday, joggers and bikers came across the used tires dumped on the pathway near Scarsdale Road.
It's not clear how it happened, but it's likely the offenders drove up a pathway just wide enough for a car from Park View Ave, dumping the tires. It typically costs about $3 a piece to recycle a tire.
"Obviously, it’s someone who's in this industry and didn't want to pay the fee and decided the best alternative was to dump waste in a public park," said cyclist
Tom Davis.
Crews from Westchester Parks moved the tires aside so pedestrians can safely pass.
It's the second time in less than two weeks the department is cleaning up someone else's mess.
Earlier this month, Tibbets Brook Park in Yonkers was also turned into a dumping ground for used tires.
A spokesperson with Westchester County Parks says the tires should be removed by Friday.