Police throughout Hudson Valley on high alert in wake of Buffalo supermarket shooting

The mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo Saturday afternoon, described by police as "racially motivated," prompted police departments throughout the Hudson Valley into high alert.
In the wake of the shootings that killed at least 10, and wounded 3 others, Gov. Kathy Hochul, called it, "a military-style execution of people who simply wanted to buy groceries."
The Yonkers Police Department also issued a statement, that reads in part, "Out of an abundance of caution, just like in other mass shooting incidents, we are going to pay special attention to similar environments and shoppers may see increased patrols in shopping areas and districts."
The news the gun violence sent shockwaves throughout the Hudson Valley.
Buffalo police revealed the suspect drove hundreds of miles to the supermarket, heavily armed and wearing tactical gear.
Some residents said they worry this latest mass shooting will inspire others to carry out similar ideas.
Yonkers police said there are no credible local threats.