Police warn of cellphone thefts in the Bronx

Most people constantly use their cellphones in public, but that could make you a thief's next target. 
According to police in the 49th Precinct, they're investigating a pattern of cellphone thefts in the area, and reminding everyone of simple ways to protect themselves and their smartphones. 
In two separate incidents, authorities say two suspects jumped out of a 2007 Saturn Vue SUV and forcibly removed cellphones out of victims' hands. In similar crimes, cops are also looking for two men who approach people walking on the street and ask for the time before snatching their phones. 
Authorities are advising everyone to keep their phones tucked away when out in public instead of carrying it in their hands. They say you should be aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid walking around with large headphone sets on. Also, if someone asks for the time, tell them you don't know.