Pollution levels at an all-time low due to COVID-19

As millions of Americans are told to stay at home, the United States is also seeing an unprecedented drop in pollution levels. Estimates are showing an average reduction of 15-25%.
 “From an air quality standpoint everyone will get to experience what it’s like to live in better air quality,” says Tom Coda, CEO of Coda Environmental Consulting.

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As people across the U.S. comply with stay-at-home orders, Earth-orbiting satellites have observed significantly reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides, which come primarily from automobiles, power plants and factories. These clearer skies, however, are coming at a painful cost - our economy and quality of life.
While reduced levels of pollution are expected to rise once business reopen, experts are also suggesting the possibility of greater changes to the workforce as companies become more comfortable with work from home, something technology makes possible.
Since the last great pandemic was over 100 years ago, information on long term effects is limited. Environmental agencies are now gathering data in order to understand the long-term effects and plan accordingly.