Port Chester BOE probe into racially charged comment at stalemate due to 'lack of cooperation'

The Port Chester Board of Education is at a stalemate in deciding whether board President Thomas Corbia is guilty of making a controversial Facebook comment two months ago.
Board Vice President Chrissie Onofrio says, "Unfortunately, the ethics board was not able to make any findings and facts relating to the post due what the committee determined to be a lack of cooperation from Mr. Corbia."
The board is now looking into special counsel to decide what charges Corbia may face.
"The board is at a point where consideration of these charges is the inevitable next step given the inability of the board to complete this investigation," Onofrio says.
The board is asking the community for patience now that this process will stretch for even longer and might not necessarily result in Corbia's removal or suspension— an action some in the community have been longing for.
"Tom Corbia refuses to step down, and I think that the community just really needs that to happen so that we can move on and start to heal from the whole situation," says alumni of Port Chester Schools Grace Herbert. "I really don't think this situation needed to continue as long as it has."
Corbia has said his Facebook account was hacked when a racially charged comment under his name surfaced in September. Many residents say they don't believe the board president.
“I don't think he was hacked. If he was, he would be the first to say so and he would've corrected it," says Port Chester parent Bryant Lewis.
Resident Keith Morlino adds, "He had gotten a lawyer, he hid…that's literally what he did."
Many residents hope the community can find some common ground during an investigation that is now moving into its third month.
News 12 reached out to the school district for comment and is waiting to hear back.