Port Chester gives away 1,000 test kits in case of third COVID-19 surge

The Open Door Family Medical Center in Port Chester gave out 1,000 COVID-19 test kits to families on Thursday.
With more coronavirus variants developing, health officials say everyone can help contain the virus by keeping test kits at home.
Open Door gave the kids out for free to families who may not be able to afford a rapid test at the pharmacy. The giveaway was part of a partnership with Westchester County.
The center said it's inevitable there will be another COVID-19 surge, so it's important to get vaccinated and be prepared.
"The quicker they get their results, the quicker they can proactively do something about it, quarantine, notify the people they've been around. That's how we'll contain COVID-19 and keep our communities as healthy as possible," said Grace Battaglia, of the Open Door Family Medical Center.
Open Door and the county have already given out 6,000 at-home test kits.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer said with the number of people testing positive being slightly higher now than even a month ago, this is a way to keep people living as normal a life as possible while staying safe.
Open Door said it can also help people get free COVID-19 treatment as it was one of the first in the county to receive antiviral pills.