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Port Jervis man wants help with storm drains due to ongoing flooding

A Port Jervis man wants help from the city to alleviate ongoing flooding.

News 12 Staff

Jul 9, 2021, 7:10 PM

Updated 1,077 days ago


A Port Jervis man wants help from the city to alleviate ongoing flooding.
Kenneth Burton says his neighborhood, specifically Barcelow Street, gets hit hard whenever heavy downpours happen.
He says his family has even need to be rescued by boat from flooding.
“It happens every time it rains really hard,” says Burton. “It runs down both sides of the road like a river into two little drains, and it can’t keep up.”
The Orange County man tells News 12 he’s reached out to city officials for help with clearing storm drains, but that he’s had to do it himself.
Port Jervis Mayor Kelly Decker says storm drains are monitored and that the street is one of several in the neighborhood that floods.
According to Decker, the city is actively seeking grants to help permanently fix the problem.

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