Prices peak, local industries get hit hard since start of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Americans are paying more to fill up their vehicles.
Aside from the major hike in prices at the pump in Westchester County, local industries are getting hit hard with peaking prices. Just like the cost of gas, delivery just got a whole lot more expensive.
There's no current delivery charge at New City Pizza - and the owners want to keep it that way - but shipments that are coming into the pizzeria are costing more.
"I was just contacted by a distributor that flour is going to be going up [in price]," says New City Pizza owner Steven Velardi. "I would like to avoid having to charge just for delivery. So, in turn, the menu will just have to go up a little cover all those miscellaneous expenses that are caused by gas prices and high rents and whatever else."
The flower industry is also feeling the punch.
"We do get shipments in from California, we get shipments in from New Jersey, Europe," says Sunny Lung of Basset Flowers.
As a result, the shop has had to raise its delivery fee.
"It's gone up like $1 or $2 so the customers really feel it on their end as well," says Lung.
Franco's Pizzeria in Nanuet has a $2 delivery fee that goes straight to deliverers, who pay for their own gas.
"That $2 is really nothing when you’re paying $4 dollars a gallon for gas," says Frank Pulitano, owner of Francos Pizza.