Proposed bike path would connect South County Trail to Mario Cuomo Bridge

The proposed path would also go on to Rockland and Putnam counties.

Emily Young

Mar 1, 2024, 10:54 PM

Updated 87 days ago


The Town of Greenburgh applied for a state grant that would allow a proposed bike path to be built and connect the South County Trail along Route 119 to the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.
The proposed path would also go on to Rockland and Putnam counties.
Danny Cunningham lives in the Bronx and loves to bike up to the Hudson Valley through the South County Trail.
"It's a straight path through Tibbets State Park, that's where we start. It's quiet, it's scenic," he says.
"I think it's fantastic," Cunningham says. "I just need a new set of legs, because I don't know if I can do that kind of distance!"
"There are bike clubs that already ride across the GW [Bridge] and go up to Tarrytown, and ride across the Cuomo Bridge, so if there was a bike path and it was safer than actually riding on the streets, that's always a bonus," says Vincent Herlihy, a bicyclist.
"[Route] 119 doesn't have a bike path right now and a lot of people including myself, when we bike across the Mario Cuomo Bridge, we have to get there biking on 119, and we have to deal with motorists and trucks, and it really is very dangerous," says Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, who applied for the grant.
A white bicycle sits along Route 119 as a memorial to a cyclist who was hit by a truck in that very spot several years ago.
The proposed path would be a lifesaver and an economy booster, according to Feiner.
"More people will go stop at local businesses along the way, so I see this as such a major boost to Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties," he says.
Feiner expects to find out if they are awarded the grant by June.

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