Proposed Kawasaki deal with MTA could mean more jobs in Yonkers

Kawasaki is one step closer to landing a nearly $4 billion contract with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, as a subcommittee approved it Monday.
Kawasaki would build more than 1,000 new state-of-the-art subway cars at a cost of roughly $3.7 billion. Many of those cars would be built at the company’s Yonkers facility.
"Potentially Kawasaki getting this contract is a game changer for Yonkers,” says Christina Gilmartin, a spokesperson for Mayor Mike Spano.
Gilmartin says the job creation alone would bring millions of dollars to the city and to the tax base in Yonkers, and that it would develop the ongoing revitalization that's going on in Downtown Yonkers.
The MTA's staff cited Kawasaki's promise to deliver the first batch of train cars on time in the summer of 2020 as an important reason why it should be awarded the multibillion-dollar contract.
Calls to Kawasaki for comment have not been returned.
The full MTA board is expected to vote on the contract on Wednesday.