Proposed power station closure means less pollution, but higher taxes in Rockland

The Mirant Energy Corporation?s plan to close its Lovett generating station in Stony Point means residents in North Rockland could see another tax hike.
Mirant says it wants to close Lovett, which is coal fired, because it is too expensive to meet the state's pollution requirements. The energy company plans to shut down two units in April 2007 and another unit in April 2008. The closure means a loss of about 90 jobs, and will translate into higher taxes North Rockland School District residents, who are already reeling from a huge tax hike. A judge ruled in August that Mirant paid too much in taxes for its Lovett station and the Bowline plant in Haverstraw. Mirant?s refund meant residents saw a tax increase anywhere from 45 to 80 percent.
Stony Point Supervisor Phil Marino says the tax increase coupled with a plant closure means people in North Rockland will need help from the state.
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