Putnam SPCA rescues dog from allegedly abusive owner

The Putnam County SPCA rescued a beagle from an allegedly abusive owner in Yonkers.
Ken Ross, of the Putnam County SPCA, says they received a phone call Saturday afternoon from a good Samaritan who saw a dog running loose. Ross said the person told him that the dog came from a construction company.

"We arrived, we saw the dog, there was the collar. When we removed it, there was the three prong holes that had gone into the skin,” said Ross.

The beagle, named Benji, was rushed to the hospital.

"There were a lot of puncture wounds around the neck, especially where the shock collar was sitting inside the neck tissue. There's also some wounds to the ears,” said Jana Josel, of Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster.
Josel says that the doctor on duty cleaned up the wounds, and Benji is now doing fine. She says that there is already a technician assistant who wants to foster the dog.
Ross says they reached out to the owner. He was arrested for animal cruelty when he arrived.