QuickChek freak-out: Woman caught on camera trashing store

A bizarre transaction was recorded at a Hudson County QuickChek Friday as a woman was caught on camera trashing the store.
Harrison Mayor James Fife tells News 12 New Jersey that the incident happened around 8:30 a.m. at the QuickChek in Harrison Plaza on Bergen Street.
The unidentified woman is seen knocking things off shelves, dumping a drink on the floor and throwing other items on the ground.
She then calmly walks up to the counter to pay for a can of Pringles, but not before throwing a bunch of bottles of 5-Hour Energy on the floor.
Other customers, among them Mayor Fife, appear to stand by in shock at what happened.
After the woman leaves the store, she is seen getting into a black sedan driven by another person. They peel off into traffic, narrowly missing other cars on the streets.
Harrison police are trying to track the woman down.