Rainbow Heights Club provides 'lifeline' to LGBTQ members struggling with mental illness

A government-funded agency in Brooklyn still managed to service the LGBTQ community during the pandemic.
Fort Greene is home to The Rainbow Heights Club, which helps those in the LGBTQ community struggling with serious mental illnesses.
They bring New Yorkers therapists, and medical, housing and relationship support.
Executive Director Christian Huygen says the club has become a safe space for these people.
“People really look at us as a lifeline,” Huygen says. “As somebody who is still here, still reaching out to them, still making sure that they have what they need.”
During the pandemic, the agency brought one-on-one phone sessions to those who needed helped.
The club also provides a discussion for coping strategies as they face isolation and loneliness during quarantine.
The Rainbow Heights Club is in its 20th year of operation and says 95% of their clients stay out of the hospital every year.