Ramapo official calls on town attorney to rescind eviction letter

Ramapo's deputy town supervisor says the town attorney overstepped his bounds when he sent out letters threatening to evict 15 residents living on a Hillburn block known as the "Hamlets" in the Town of Ramapo. 
"He's not the decision maker, he's not the policy maker, he doesn't have the vote on the board," said Brendel Charles. 
The Town of Ramapo owns the houses on Lake Street, some of which date back to the 1700s. Charles says because some of the tenants are behind in rent, totaling more than $100,000, Town Attorney Michael Klein took it upon himself to send out eviction letters. The letter says all tenants have until Nov. 30 to pack up and move out. 
"There are seniors here, veterans and families with children," Charles told News 12
Charles says instead of evicting the tenants, the town should be trying to work with them. She insists that's what she thought the Town Board was doing when they voted on a summary judgement resolution in June, but apparently the town attorney saw it another way. 
She is now calling on Klein to rescind his letter until she can meet with the tenants. She will also have to convince three of her fellow board members to protect the tenants from eviction.
"The board members would have to out-vote me to do this," says Charles. 
News 12 reached out to the town attorney for his side of the story. A spokesman returned the call and said they have nothing further to add.