Report: Contaminated toys hit U.S. stores

This holiday season, Bronx parents are facing the risk of unknowingly purchasing contaminated toys for their children, according to a new report released Wednesday.
The report by the Just-Green Partnership asserts that one in three toys on the shelves this year could have significant level of toxic chemicals, which are often used to substitute high-quality materials in cheaper items to ensure that the producer makes a profit.
Researchers found harmful metals like lead, cadmium and arsenic in products ranging from fashion jewelry to building blocks. Ingesting any of these chemicals could put a child?s brain function at serious risk.
?Children have trouble concentrating, they may have trouble solving problems,? says Dr. Hal Strelnick, of Montefiore Medical Center.
According to experts, the toys fared better in tests this year compared to last year, but parents are urged to remain vigilant and read labels when shopping for toys this holiday season.
?You can?t say yes to everything, you have to be alert and very careful,? says parent Maggie Rosado.