Report: NYPD shootings fell in 2013

The NYPD says that the number of police-involved shooting fell in 2013. 
According to a new report, there were 40 instances last year in which officers shot at suspects, which is down from 45 incidents in 2012 and an 11-year high of 61 in 2003. It details that eight people, all armed with either a gun or "cutting instrument," died. 
The study also broke down the shootings by borough. The Bronx had the second highest amount of intentional discharges by police with a total of 10, or the equivalent to a quarter of the overall shootings. 
The report was released Tuesday, just hours after police fatally shot a knife-wielding suspect at a Brooklyn Jewish center. 
The data on police-involved shootings for 2014 is not yet available.