Research group releases BX, city subway findings

Some Bronx subway lines are faring better while others leave straphangers lingering on platforms, according to a study released Monday.
The New York Public Interest Research Group's Straphangers Campaign issued its annual State of the Subways report at a City Hall subway station. The study is based on MTA transit data on the quality of service on 22 lines in 2006.
According to NYPIRG, the 5 line is one of the Bronx's worst, with commuters having extended wait times for trains. The 1 line scored high marks in the borough with shorter wait times and cleaner cars.
Overall, the report found the cleanliness of city trains improved from 79 percent in 2005 to 87 percent for the same time in 2006. Mechanical breakdowns worsened over the same period in 2006, according to NYPIRG.
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