Residents prepare for Monday’s solar eclipse

For the first time in 99 years, a swath of the United States will experience a total solar eclipse on Monday.
While the Hudson Valley region will only see a partial solar eclipse, many are still looking forward to the once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and are hosting viewing parties to commemorate the event.
Some residents are even taking the opportunity to travel to locations, like Wyoming, where the total eclipse is expected to take place, News 12 is told.
Lee Streisfeld-Leitner, of Sunrise Solar Solutions, says he will be watching the partial eclipse using solar eclipse glasses.

"You should not look directly at the sun," said Streisfeld-Leitner. "Even a glance can do damage."
He says viewers without the glasses can use a sheet of cardboard with a pinhole through which the light can shine, so that a shadow of the crescent-shaped, partially eclipsed sun can project onto another piece of cardboard or backing.
The Hudson Valley will see a partial solar eclipse of about 75 percent. The event is expected to occur in the Hudson Valley around 2:44 pm and will only last a few minutes.