Residents: Unhoused people seeking shelter in White Plains parking garage causing safety, property concerns

Several unhoused people are seeking shelter at a White Plains parking garage amid the recent cold snap - and it's causing some concerns for safety and property.
Trash, chairs and bikes were seen inside the garage, located next to the Stop & Shop grocery store at 154 Westchester Ave.
The garage is used to park hundreds of new vehicles that belong to nearby car dealerships. Employees who work at nearby businesses also park in the garage.
Some News 12 viewers say that their cars have been damaged.
White Plains Police Chief Joseph Castelli told News 12 the department is aware of the issue and arrests trespassers, but said after they are processed and released, many go right back to the same spot.
Chief Castelli said the department has an outreach team that works to find shelter for people experiencing homelessness.