Restaurant expansion plans runs into resistance from neighbors

Expansion plans for a popular restaurant and bar in Orange County are now running into resistance from potential new neighbors.
Yesterday's Bar and Restaurant has been a fixture in downtown Warwick for decades. Owner John Cristison says he wants to expand because he has outgrown the space and there’s no parking.  He set his sights on a vacant property nearby on Elm Street.
Critics have taken to Facebook, YouTube and their front lawns to protest. They say the main problem is that the location is very close to their properties and backyards.
The property is also on a flood plain, leaving construction to one spot. Cristison says that the spot is still farther than the zoning law requires.
The new site would triple the size of the business, plus include an outdoor patio and dozens of parking spaces. While that may be good for business and customers, neighbors say they were there first.
"There's 20 families and homes that live around this and there's only one business,” said one neighbor.
Now, it's up to village officials to decide. A public hearing on the restaurant will be held at Warwick Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.