Reverse repo-men lawyers in trouble for suspected Warwick theft

Two lawyers are dealing with their own legal troubles after they were accused of breaking into a Warwick impound lot to steal back their own cars.Police say surveillance cameras show both 30-year-old John Hurban, of Highland Mills, and 30-year-old Christopher Kleister, of Salisbury Mills, in a heated argument with tow truck driver Pete Goydich, who towed their cars out of a private parking lot. Police say Goydich was supposed to meet the two lawyers about a half hour later at the impound yard so the two could retrieve their vehicles.
Police say instead the lawyers broke into the gate of the impound yard themselves and got their cars. Warwick police were notified that two vehicles were stolen from the impound. It wasn't long before police say they found Hurban and Kleister driving their cars outside of Warwick.
Hurban and Kleister were both charged with criminal trespassing, criminal tampering and theft of services. They were released on their own recognizance and are expected back in court later this month.