Riverdale bus stops still risky despite concrete islands

Police at the 50th Precinct have increased their presence at Riverdale bus stops to address a dangerous problem the city thought it already solved.
The Department of Transportation installed cement islands at bus stops under elevated train tracks from 231st Street to 238th Street a few months ago due to safety complaints. Riders say the islands do make it safer to wait for the Bx9 bus amid the whizzing traffic. However, they say the problem is not completely solved because drivers do not always stop.
Officers are patrolling the area for cars going at excessive speeds around the bus stops. However, cars are not the only problem. Pedestrians sometimes dart out into oncoming traffic between pillars holding up the train tracks, giving drivers little time to stop or slow down.
Anthony Cassino of Community Board 10 says it?s important to get the word out that extra safety and precautions are necessary in such spots.