Road Trip Close to Home: Brooklyn connections at Museum of Modern Art

In this Road Trip Close to Home, News 12 is taking a trip to the Museum of Modern Art and exploring two new works with ties to Brooklyn.
Outside of the Museum of Modern Art sits two lifesize paintings depicting moments of everyday Black life.
"Every day, Black life is just a normal experience that is not always highlighted. There are also places and experiences that also should be highlighted, which are more about normalcy and just the idea of experiences that are not necessarily subject to oppressive structures," says Brooklyn-based artist Derrick Adams.
The paintings imagine a moment in which drivers pass by two billboards of iconic Black films "Juice" and "Set It Off", while driving futuristic cars.
Adams says he wants passersby to see Black people not entertaining but just being and living.
"These figures are really about being in their space, having this ability to explore, to see friends. You know, just to travel," says Adams.
Over on the fifth floor of the museum is the Motion and Illumination Collection, which focuses on the invention of photography and motion pictures. The collection incorporates a film called "Coney Island at night," showcasing Luna Park, rides and other attractions from the neighborhood in the early 1900s.
Both the collection and window installation will be on display through the fall.