Rockland begins inspecting buildings after taking over Spring Valley Building Department

Rockland has begun inspecting buildings after it took over the Spring Valley Building Department earlier this week.
Building inspector Jackenton Lavalasse saw a home on Feb. 1 on George Street - where tenants were staying in makeshift rooms. One of the rooms was for a child.
There were also electrical hazards and no smoke or carbon detectors. The basement had three illegal bedrooms with no egress windows - which are needed for emergency situations.
There is also no insulation, so renters need to use space heaters to keep warm.
Lavalasse saw 17 violations in total, forcing him to order the home to be vacated. He says the landlord's other properties in Spring Valley will be inspected to ensure those tenants aren't facing the same conditions.
Lavalasse is now working under the county's new Office of Buildings and Codes, which will be looking into properties and enforcing compliance and any fines associated with violations within the village.
Director Ed Markunas says the department has done around 20 inspections out of the backlogged 800 since the county stepped in to take over Spring Valley's Building Department on Monday.
No charges have been filed against the landlord who owns the home on George Street. News 12 reached out to the homeowner for comment.