Rockland County executive addresses code violations at Sain Building

Rockland County Executive Ed Day says he wants to set the record straight after it was revealed on Tuesday that a county property is riddled with safety concerns at the same time private schools in the area were put under the microscope.
Day says he knows the county-owned Sain Building across the street from his office is a problem, especially for the 117 people who use it every day. However, Day says he didn't know how bad it was until one week before News 12 filed a Freedom of Information request for all inspections of the property.
"In this particular case, the previous county executive directed our safety coordinator not to give him anymore bad information on the Sain Building because he couldn't afford to fix it, so he kept quiet.  And when it came to my attention in May 2016, I ordered a full safety report," says Day.
Day says he gave the full, but unofficial, report to News 12 to be transparent. The problem is that the expired fire detectors and outdated fire alarm systems are the same problems the county has faulted numerous yeshivas for.
Day claims the Rockland County Legislature shot down his $2 million bond Tuesday night that would have fixed the problems. Day insists his hands are tied until it acts.
On Thursday, members of the Rockland County Board denied blocking the sale of the Sain Building. Chairman Alden Wolfe says they are trying to work with Ed Day, but they will not be bullied into acting just because he wants something done.