Rockland 'flophouse' landlord fined $23,000 for another property

A Rockland County landlord housing more than 30 people in a single-family home has just been hit with a big fine for a different property.
According to county officials, Schloima Koppel had 31 people staying in a home in New City. He has now been fined $23,000 for more than 30 violations for another house on West Funston Street in Spring Valley.
Inspectors found eight bedrooms and 16 beds in what is supposed to be a three-bedroom home. They say it's not clear how many people are living in the home, but violations include blocked exits, missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and electrical hazards.
Rockland County Executive Ed Day says enforcement is just a temporary solution. He says illegal migration is the real issue and needs to be addressed by state and federal officials.