Roller disco brunch party brings back nostalgic pastime

By Alexa Santos, Digital Producer
The 1980s are back in the form of regular "roller disco brunch parties" in Brooklyn.
News 12 attended the most recent event to see what it was all about. 
The parties happen on select weekend days at Schimanski in Williamsburg. Schimanski is a world renowned nightclub that transforms into a disco brunch setting for these special events. 
The disco brunch parties are produced by Fever Originals and Roller Wave roller skating pop-up group, in collaboration with Schimanski. 
Marina Tara with Fever Originals says at the roller disco brunch party, "You can dance, you can roller skate, you can have brunch, you can have a drink at the bar, it's a party."
There's also live DJs, emcees and roller skating dancers. 
Harry Martin with Roller Wave has a passion for roller skating, and says he created Roller Wave to bring back the roller skating and 80s culture. 
"Roller skating, nostalgia, disco fun. I wanted to bring it to the main stream because I feel like people really enjoy it," Martin says. 
There are more roller disco brunch parties scheduled at Schimanski in the next couple of months, and the organizers hope to expand the event nationwide and globally.