Russian invasion of Ukraine can affect finances locally

A Russian invasion of Ukraine could affect Americans’ wallets.
There are already high prices due to rising inflation, and now the potential for a disruption could cause another spike.
Russia is the world's top exporter of wheat. Ukraine produces wheat and corn. Experts say gas prices increasing could cause repercussions throughout the whole supply chain, impacting essential groceries.
Grocery shopper Linette Mays says she understands that what happens globally is affecting people locally. She says she has noticed inflation since the COVID pandemic, but now it's even worse.
"I wanted to pick up some groceries, and it's really become an extremely difficult, whether it's a family, single, or multiple parties, food is outrageous now, and it's very unfortunate because people have to eat to live," she says.
It's not just the grocery store where people have to take a closer look at their finances. The potential for crisis abroad impacts the stock market - and Matt Blecker, the president chief investment officer at Eastern Planning, says it's important to plan ahead.
"I know it's hard for a lot of families to do, but you want to put a budget together a head of time, and factor into that increasing prices, and that way you'll be better set up if it does happen," says Blecker.
He says it's important to focus on the aspects you can control.
"As long as your well diversified, you have a safe bucket of money, over the next few years, you can generally ride out any storm as it relates to the stock market," says Blecker.