Safety and security at Indian Point put to the test

The safety and security of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant was put to the test. Officials are planning several mock terrorist assaults at the plant, while the emergency siren system failed again Tuesday.
Plant owner Entergy could reveal little about the staged attacks due to security reasons. Officials say armed invaders will try to overpower the security guards at the plant. Meanwhile, Entergy notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that for about an hour the emergency siren system for the ten-mile zone around the plants was out of service Tuesday. According to Entergy officials, the computer, which runs the siren system, failed to restart following routine maintenance.
Entergy spokesperson Laurence Gottlieb says the old siren system?s performance is unacceptable. Gottlieb says the system is going to be replaced and the new siren system is expected to be online by the end of the year.