San Martino restaurant in Yonkers the latest recipient of Barstool Fund relief

A business in Yonkers struggling due to the pandemic will be getting some much-needed support from the Barstool Fund.
The digital media platform created the fund after “El Presidente” Dave Portnoy criticized politicians for closing indoor dining in New York City, saying that small business owners' right to earn a living was being “stolen.”
Marcus Lemonis, a businessman and the host of CNBC’s “The Profit,” then challenged him to put up $500,000, which he would match, for struggling NYC-area restaurants, which Portnoy accepted.
As of Jan. 2, the fund has reached $17,121,515.
One of the businesses that will be receiving help is San Martino Restaurante, which is owned by Al Loparo and his wife, Teresa. Their daughter heard about the fund and reached out to Barstool via video.
The Barstool Fund is offers financial assistance to small businesses nationwide in the form of monthly payments. The family recently received a call from Portnoy who said that help is on the way.
"I think it’s amazing…Everything helps and I thank him so much," said Teresa Loparo.