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Save Mount Vernon calls for immediate action to curb city's gun violence

The advocacy group says it does not think the mayor has made a strong enough plan to address gun violence.

News 12 Staff

Jun 10, 2023, 12:28 AM

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A Mount Vernon advocacy group once again called for immediate action over the city's gun violence.
The organization Save Mount Vernon gathered Friday night at the steps of City Hall.
They said they do not think Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard has made a strong enough plan when it comes to addressing gun violence.
"In three years, the mayor has failed. No clear plan to combat crime and violence in the city called the jewel of Westchester," said Jessie Van Lew, the cofounder of Save Mount Vernon.
There have been three homicides in Mount Vernon since the start of the year.
"Right now, we have a year to date 66% rise in fire alarm related assaults in the City of Mount Vernon," said Nick Mastrogiorgio, of the Mount Vernon PBA.
Patterson-Howard responded in a statement. She said in part, "The City of Mount Vernon has demonstrated a willingness to listen and discuss public safety efforts, specifically regarding gun violence efforts with Save Mount Vernon, and they have not made themselves available."
She continued to say, "The city remains committed to engaging with community organizations about fostering collaboration for the betterment of our city."
Van Lew said what Patterson-Howard is calling on is too little, too late.
"We need Shots Spotters, we need cameras in the hot spots, we need license plate readers, these are all the things we need. So now she's talking because it's election time," Van Lew said.
The rallying cry comes weeks before the June 27 Primary Election Day.
The violence concerns will be a big consideration for Mount Vernon voters, considering Patterson-Howard is on the ballot.

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