Sen. Harckham weighs in on bills signed to ease financial blow after Indian Point power plant shutdown

Harckham says he hopes to preserve as many jobs as possible following the Indian Point power plant shutdown.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed three bills into law on Thursday night. The first law guarantees Indian Point workers will continue to be paid as the plant is decommissioned.
“That will be helpful to building trades and others who provide labor and work force to the site,” says Harckham.
The second law now includes spent fuel and fuel casks at the facility as part of its real property tax assessment. Harckham says it’s to make up for lost tax revenue.
The lost tax revenue would assist Hendrick Hudson School District, the Town of Cortlandt and the village of Buchanan.
The third law will allow the plant to continue making payments in lieu of taxes, even though it’s no longer in operation.
“And then that gives financial stability to the communities,” says Harckham.