Senate GOP forced vote on school mask mandate rejected

A forced vote to end the mask mandate in New York schools was rejected Monday as Republicans continue to put the pressure on Gov. Kathy Hochul.
“This conference continues to stand up for rational thought, for science, for freedom to choose whether you want to mask up before going to school,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.
But the attempt to pull the plug on the governor’s mask mandate in schools was rejected 43-20. A spokesperson for the Senate Majority called it a “weekly theatrical.”
Senate Republicans say they’re disappointed that “not one Senate Democrat had the courage to stand in support of it.”
Senate Republicans are urging the governor to point out specific metrics the Health Department is using to decide when to end school mask mandates. It comes as a number of surrounding states announce an end to the mandate in the coming weeks.
“These kids are wearing masks for eight hours a day, nine hours a day, every day — I don’t think I’ve ever worn a mask that long,” said Ortt.
Students will have to keep those masks on in schools until at least early March when Gov. Hochul says state officials are planning to revisit the issue.