Senate panel pushes for safer amusement parks rides after Rye Playland death

Senator Nick Spano (R-Yonkers) chaired a forum at Pace University Thursday to push for increased safety measures at amusement parks.
Elayne Cassara?s 7-year-old son died last August after he slipped between conveyor belts on a ride in Rye Playland. Cassara made a plea to the Senate panel for better training, more supervision and stricter inspections of amusement rides. Cassara says if the park provided pamphlets about every ride she may not have let her son ride alone. Since the accident, Rye Playland has added signs at the Old Mill ride to warn parents that it's a dark ride.
Playland Director Joe Montalto says he would like New York to join a nationwide organization that monitors ride safety. Spano says the panel will compile a list of recommendations and present them to legislators and other state officials. Spano promises to work with the labor department to make sure safety changes are implemented in parks before the season starts.
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