Show of support for cop at center of Greenburgh police sex scandal

The officer at the center of the Greenburgh sex scandal had a huge show of support from co-workers and friends as he faced a judge in court Thursday. Ward has been formally charged with official misconduct stemming from allegations by Gina AnnaNoel Pane, a professional dominatrix. Pane claims she was harassed by police officers after her arrest in January for DWI and drug possession. Pane also claims she engaged in a sexual act with Ward in exchange for the charges against her being dropped.Ward?s friends and co-workers say he would never use his badge for sex. Pane?s attorney claims there is DNA evidence of their encounter, however, Ward?s attorney denies that. Ward has been suspended with pay. He is due back in court on July 28 when the judge schedules pretrial hearings for the case.
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