Skateboard park in Bronx Park causes rift

A skateboard park in Bronx Park has some area residents upset that they are being inconvenienced by it.
"It's a good idea, but it's poorly executed. There's no supervision here," says Michael Pepe, who lives near Skatepark.
Pepe says that while there is minor crime and drug use at the park, he doesn't think it is out of hand. Another issue is what most bothers him.
"There's nobody that's going to say you can't park your cars in front of people's houses for the entire day and inconvenience them - stuff like that," he says.
But some skaters and their parents say the park's presence is positive.
"I know a lot of the kids who skate in this park and I grew up in this neighborhood my whole life and they're generally good kids," says John Costello, who helped create Skatepark. "They just come down here to not be harassed by the cops and to have a safe place to go."
Many think that the issue is generational since the neighborhood is filled with older adults and the park attracts younger kids.