Skin care tips for warmer weather

By Alexa Santos, digital producer
Editor's Note: This piece was filmed before the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing regulations.

Some good news: it is finally time to start thinking about transitioning from winter to spring. As the weather starts to get warmer and less dry, that also means it is time to change up your skin care routine. News 12 spoke to a local esthetician to find out all the best spring-time tips.
Esthetician and on-air beauty & lifestyle expert Elena Duque's first tip is about exfoliating.
"The thing about the winter-time is our skin gets really dry," Duque said. "People think, 'Oh, my skin is dry, I'm not going to exfoliate because it's going to make it drier,' but the thing is, you do need to exfoliate."
Duque also recommends lightening up your moisturizer as the weather gets warmer.
"I'm a big fan of serums," she said. "During the spring, you don’t want anything too heavy because there's already moisture in the air."
Another important tip is to consider doing some spring cleaning on your makeup.
Duque said, "Throw out anything old. If it's over six months old, makeup or skin care, get rid of it and start fresh."
She also says to continue moisturizing your whole body, and always wear SPF, no matter what time of year it is.