Snow and black ice make for dangerous commute this morning

An overnight storm is making for a dangerous commute as thousands of people head back to work and school today after the Christmas and New Year's break.
Snow fell overnight throughout much of the region, but those living in southern Westchester saw more of a mix of sleet and rain.
DPW crews were out overnight around the Hudson Valley making sure area roadways were salted and plowed for people heading back to work on the first Monday of the new year.
The farther north you traveled, the more snow you saw. Anywhere from 2 to 4 inches fell in northern Hudson Valley. "This is always kind of like a micro-climate up here so it's always a little colder and a little more snow than other places," says Colin Greene, of Bedford Hills.
While main roads are generally in good shape, many side streets have yet to be cleared in some of northern Hudson Valley.
With temperatures at or near freezing overnight, transportation officials are also warning about patchy black ice.
With dry air now in the area and rising temperatures, black ice will be less of a concern as the day progresses.