SNUG hosts shooting response following death of teenager

Anti-gun violence group SNUG is responding to recent gun violence in the city of Poughkeepsie.
The response comes after Jalani Jones, 15, was fatally shot Monday. Police are still looking to identify the suspect and anyone with information is asked to contact Poughkeepsie police.
Team members are trying to help kids handle traumas associated with violence.
"We need the community, we need them to be invested, we need them to bring their passion," said social worker Samaria Gray. "We need them to show up and stand in solidarity with us like, 'OK, this is not normal. We're going to renormalize this and create a new normal. A healthy normal.'"
SNUG was out in the Corlies Apartment Complex Wednesday preaching its mission by mediating conflicts with individuals with the highest risk of being involved in violence.
A person was shot and wounded in that complex on Sept. 11.
Officials offered to make sure parents and children are able to access the resources and mentorship opportunities available via SNUG.