Some Ramapo residents pleased with verdict in town supervisor case

Some Ramapo residents are applauding the conviction of Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence Friday.
Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence was found guilty of 20 counts in his federal corruption case. The jury deliberated for five hours on Thursday after four weeks of testimony, and several hours Friday morning before finding him guilty on 20 of 22 counts of federal securities and wire fraud.
Prosecutors had said St. Lawrence repeatedly lied about the town's finances in order to get better deals on $25 million in municipal bonds he borrowed to build a ballpark in the town.
Some residents said they believe justice was served and hoped the town can get back on track. Others feel if St. Lawrence still has leverage he should stay and fight.
St. Lawrence must step down immediately, with Deputy Supervisor Yitzchak Ullman taking over.
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