Sound Shore communities stand against hate during a rally for Israel

Hundreds of people attended a vigil on Wednesday evening to mourn the Israeli lives lost as a result of Hamas' attack on the country over the weekend.
The event was led by the town and village of Mamaroneck, as well as Larchmont, where a strong concentration of Westchester's Jewish community is along the Sound Shore.
"It was almost spontaneous that hundreds and hundreds of people came out to support Israel and to be in solidarity," said Rabbi Mendel Silberstein, with the Chabad of Larchmont and Mamaroneck.
Many came to be with Jewish and non-Jewish people to grieve what the last few days have brought to the community locally and overseas. Many people have close ties to those still in Israel.
"The Jewish community is very broken and grieving right now and we need our brothers and sisters to show us love and support," said Jennifer Hahn, who attended the vigil.
Others said they hoped this showing of support sent a message of unity and strength among the Jewish people.
"We are fighting evil and darkness with goodness and light," said Chaim Pinczower, who attended the vigil.
The death toll from five days of fighting has now eclipsed 2,300 on both sides.