Spring Valley's Building Department refuses to give documents to Rockland

Spring Valley's Building Department was caught on camera Thursday morning refusing to give the necessary documents over to the director for the new County Office of Building & Codes.
News 12 cameras were there as a moving truck left Village Hall empty when it was supposed to be filled with items needed for work to begin next week.
County Executive Ed Day held a virtual meeting with the village and state Thursday evening to try to negotiate for the contracts so the county can inspect thousands of buildings it's about to be responsible for.
In November, the state ordered the county to take over Spring Valley's Building Department by Feb. 14. In that order, it's stated the village needs to cooperate fully - but the state issued a clarification during the meeting to make it clear that Spring Valley just has to share the records or copies and can keep its own version.
"I think they have to kind of work a number of things out first. I kind of resent the state and everybody else blaming us for a fire we didn't start," says Spring Valley Mayor Alan Simon.
The fire killed volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd almost a year ago - leading to some blaming the village and Building Department due to part of the building collapsing as Lloyd rescued people.
Day says the county is still ready to take over on Monday.