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Staff and students at Mamaroneck High School may have been exposed to person who tested positive

School officials say one person at the high school tested positive on Monday.

News 12 Staff

Sep 16, 2020, 5:34 PM

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Mamaroneck is the latest school district to report a person with positive test for COVID-19. School officials say one person at the high school tested positive on Monday.
News 12 is told the person was not in the building that day, but had been wearing a mask when on school grounds, as is required by all students and staff. Students and staff who may have been exposed have been contacted and the high school has received an additional deep cleaning.
Lisa LaRocca Facebook Live from Mamaroneck
Mamaroneck school officials say they are working with the Westchester County Health Department on this case. Anyone exposed to this infected person have been mandated to quarantine for 14 days. And it's been recommended that any person exposed be tested for COVID-19.
Anyone who was identified as someone who came into contact with the person who tested positive will receive a call from a Westchester County Health Department contact tracer.
School officials want people to know that, if you get a call from a contact tracer, your caller ID may read NYS Contact Tracing or display a phone number with a 518 area code. They ask that you make sure to answer those calls.
Parents News 12 is speaking with say positive cases now at schools in session are inevitable. "I was not surprised, I'm sure there's probably one at most schools if not more. And just fingers crossed because I want him to socialize a little bit," says Susan Stratis, from Mamaroneck.

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