Stalled contract talks impact dozens of CSEA union workers

Stalled contract talks are affecting dozens of union workers in Middletown.
Middletown CSEA workers have been without a contract since 2014.
City officials say the sticking points are money and a cost-saving plan to privatize its Sanitation Department.
Union representatives say members won't agree to "sell out" co-workers for a raise, but Mayor Joe DeStefano says the union already came to an agreement with the city months ago but hasn't brought it for a vote.
"The issue is once you agree to a contract, you have to bring it to a vote. If they vote it down, we bring it back to the bargaining table. If they approve it then we move on,” he says.
DeStefano says about five sanitation workers would be affected by the move, but that they would be hired by the company taking over - saving taxpayers $1 million each year.