Stamford man takes part in Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial

A Stamford man says he may have been one of the first in western Connecticut to get a dose of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine.
Omar Yacoub, 41, says when he heard his younger brother was participating in a vaccine trial for Pfizer, he couldn't let him go through the experience alone.
He found a Moderna trial in New York City that consisted of taking two doses three weeks apart. He says each appointment saw some blood drawn for tests and the nose swab.
This was a blind trial, meaning some of the participants just received a placebo. Yacoub says he's confident he got the real vaccine after several days of symptoms and some internet sleuthing.
Participants compared notes online and found similar symptoms within the first 48 hours of each shot. Yacoub says it was well-worth it if he's really protected.
As Moderna's vaccine appears to be headed for approval, he says he sees hope for 2021.